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Here I inform you about the international, national and current activities and commitments of core.

“What does my present have to do with my past?”

Seminars in June 2019 – Why did I choose this profession? Why am I unable to discuss certain things with my (grand) parents? And why am I afraid of the conflict? Why am I involved in issues of human rights, peace, refugees or reconciliation? Why can’t I let go off some issues …

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“Understanding and reducing complexity”

Participatory Learning and Exchange Process for Local Human Rights Organizations, Myanmar – This was the theme of a one-week learning process in September in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. On behalf of the German peacebuilding organization KURVE Wustrow e.V., I led this highly participatory workshop …

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core en route

To ensure their safety, and to protect the confidential nature of their work I have not included current partners and clients here, and no photos are shown.

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