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Trainings are an important part of core's services
  • Methods and Tools of Conflict Analysis / Systemic Conflict Analysis, Conflict Sensitivity / Do no Harm (DNH), Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP), Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA) / Impact Analysis
  • Trauma sensitivity / transgenerational trauma
  • Strategy building in peacebuilding projects and programs
  • Gender-sensitive conflict analysis & gender analysis
  • Theories of conflict transformation
  • Climate change in context of violent conflicts
  • Mediation
  • Storytelling
  • Nonviolent Communication
core offers planning & strategic design
Planing & Strategic Design
  • Project and program design in international development cooperation and human rights work and peacebuilding
  • Country analyses
  • Organizational strategy development
Facilitation, Moderation und Friedensförderung ist ein wichtiger Teil von core's Leistungen
Facilitation & Moderation
  • Small and large group discussions, seminars, advanced trainings & workshops on
    issues of peacebuilding/conflict transformation, globalization, climate change, human rights and
    international development cooperation
  • Public events on public, social and political issues
  • Strategy workshops & organizational development processes
core offers Country, conflict and gender analyses
Country, conflict and gender analyses
  • Briefings & guidance notes on selected countries and peacebuilding topics
  • Training modules on conflict sensitivity, conflict transformation, gender &
core offers Feedback, Mid-term reviews, Evaluations & Assessments
Feedback, Mid-term reviews, Evaluations & Assessments
  • Country Reports, Mid-term Reviews, Evaluations, Conflict Analysis and
    Impact analysis
  • Training modules in the field of human rights, peacebuilding, mainstreaming of conflict sensitivity, trauma awareness and gender
  • Projects and programs of development cooperation and peacebuilding
core offers research
  • Country, conflict and gender analyses
  • Current topics of international politics and foreign and security policy
  • Best practices and lessons learned in gender, conflict sensitivity,
    and peacebuilding.
Individual Coaching & Supervision is an important part of core's work
Coaching & Supervision
  • Personalized further education and training in peacebuilding and conflict analysis
  • Career planning in peacebuilding/conflict transformation

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core offers Presentations, Public Lectures & Speeches
Presentations, Public Lectures & Speeches
  • Issues of international politics and foreign and security policy
  • International and regional discussions on “gender & peacebuilding” as UN Security Council Resolutions “Women, Peace and Security”


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